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make sport a pleasure everytime

With our services you always win!

Whether you play hockey, soccer, golf, conduct scouting, military, survival, horseriding, fitness or other activities,,
with a love of fair play and healthy lifestyle, we can repair your clothing, gear, tools or equipment.

In addition to individuals, many prestigious sports clubs and organizations use our services.

Below you will find only a brief list of our services. Almost anything can be done, which is why we are fully open to individual arrangements, ideally by a personal visit to one of our branches.

Repairs and modifications
of sports equipment

Patching sports bags, golf bags, even entire equipment, replacement or patching of hockey gloves, horse riding equipment repairs, or custom modifications to sports and outdoor gear?

This is not the only thing we have a lot of experience with! Everything can be individually arranged with us, so come to one of our branches and be pleasantly surprised by our results. Your gear will be like new again.

Zipper replacements

Classic zipper or velcro...zippers can be replaced on everything - shoes, bags, sleeping bags, tents and more...

Repair of outdoor and
recreational equipment

A hole in a tent can make any outdoor experience very unpleasant. And what about the hole in a bouncy castle? Don't let it ruin your or your children free time and activities.

We will sew both, we will patch the holes in the bouncy castle and we will even modify the tent if you want. But that's not all! We can also patch umbrellas or completely resew them, patch and repair trampoline nets, patch and do many other repaits to your favourite equipment overall. Just contact us and let's discuss it individually!

Repair of all sports
and outdoor footwear

Whether you need your cross-country shoes repaired, your riding boots widened or narrowed, we do common and uncommon repairs for all footwear (including e.g. damaged soles).

This type of damage is particularly common for military footwear. We also specialize in this! Bring your footwear to our branch and we will look at it professionaly.

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